Benefits of Ecigs

There are so many benefits of switching to e-cigarettes nowadays. The purpose of this device is to offer nicotine without the health risks that come about as a result of smoking tobacco. By using electronic cigarettes instead of normal cigarettes, the number of chemicals is reduced from over 7000 to just a handful. That by itself is a major benefit of e-cigarettes, but it has more benefits that will be mentioned in this article for the readers to see and understand.

Best Benefits of Ecigs


· No more smoke coughing. This is one of the changes people feel once they switch to e-cigarettes. The ravaging of your throat each and every morning comes to a drastic end. The cacophony of toxins that are mostly found in cigarette smoke ruins the back part of your throat leading to mucus building up. Using e-cigarettes will make a cough disappear because it has absolutely no toxins.
· Better taste. Smoking affects your sense of taste. The smoke from the cigarettes ends up killing your taste buds by reducing their sensitivity. The moment you start using e-cigarettes, that circulation improves and food becomes tastier.
· Breathe easily. The toxins found in tobacco cigarettes are what actually give your lungs a difficult time. Hydrogen cyanide prevents the lungs from clearing normally. The toxins mentioned cause swelling to the lungs hence restricting the flow of air. The good thing about e-cigarettes is that they do not have hydrogen cyanide and toxins meaning your lungs fix themselves.
· No second-hand risk. When talking about the dangers of cigarette smoking, you cannot ignore the fact that it affects the people around you as well. E-cigarettes do not create any side-stream from the tip and do not have any toxins found in normal cigarettes meaning all those around will not be affected. This, therefore, means you can enjoy your nicotine without feeling guilty.


· Cheaper than normal cigarettes. The nicotine content found in an e-cigarette cartridge is equivalent to around 20 cigarettes. Packs of 5 cartridges cost twice as much as a pack of cigarettes. The cost of 30-40 cigarettes worth of nicotine is equivalent to 100 e-cigarettes.
· Cheaper life insurance. As you know, smoking is the leading cause of death meaning life insurance is higher. Making use of an e-cigarette is vaping and not smoking, therefore, the dangers are less, making insurance cheaper.


· No smell. Smoking e-cigarettes mean you will never smell of cigarettes anymore. They have a faint smell that is in the flavor of the cartridge. Say goodbye to bad breath and must clothes.
· E-cigarettes do not create smoke and do not have accidental burns. They are therefore exempted from most of the smoking bans. The other advantage is that you do not have to create burns on your carpet.


Therefore, why smoke normal cigarettes if e-cigarettes exist? There is no need of risking your health and the nicotine content you acquire is the same. Save more and live longer and healthier. Make this change and you will not regret ever.